The accidental potato crop

The accidental potato crop

I love it when you find an unexpected crop in your tiny vege garden! I was tidying up my vege patch this morning and started finding tiny potatoes... what a delight!

Some time last year, I chucked a few potatoes into my vege patch, hoping it would culminate into a great crop of spuds. Well it didn't work then... but instead today I found a nice little bunch of potatoes, just enough for my lunch. They weren't of any considerable size - the largest about ping pong ball size. But hey, I didn't care - I was just happy that I found something that I can eat from my garden!



I have to admit that my enthusiasm for gardening far outweighs my talent, but I do understand the joy and benefits of growing your own. And these potatoes... oh the flavour of freshly dug-up potatoes is better than any store-bought ones. More potato-y, if you get my drift.

Lunch was beckoning and I made a simple but d'lish lunch of boiled potatoes, tossed in butter with fried leeks and bacon. Perfect.

No recipe required here: Boil potatoes. Chop up some bacon, fry. Add leeks and butter. Add potatoes. Toss. Done.

Have you ever had a nice surprise crop in your vege garden?

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