The food blog

What kind of food will you find here?

I am a huge advocate of eating fresh, local and unprocessed. Basically how our parents and grandparents ate: real food using real ingredients. I try and keep processed foods to a minimum and I definitely try and avoid palm oil wherever I can (to help save the orangutans and their habitat). Free range and organic whenever possible and as budget allows.

I won't often opt for a low-fat version of something... give me the full fat, baby! The fat content helps make the food more flavourful and I believe that you will end up eating less because of it.

As for types of cuisines – my influences are all over the place:  from my homeland (traditional kiwi fare), from my heritage (Cantonese), from my interests (Italian and Spanish), from where my taste buds currently take me (Thai and Malaysian).


Who is
So D'lish?

So D'lish is run by me, Andrea Wong. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and I'm truly passionate about the food that we have in this beautiful and bountiful country.

While my focus is on cooking and eating out in Auckland, I'm equally eager to know about good eats throughout the country as my stomach doesn't understand the concept of distance. 😀

So D'lish started back in 2007 or so and I had a great time the first few years. I took a break since having my kids and now I have two energetic little boys and a wonderful husband to inspire me to cook and discover great food.